Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai is ex Miss World and an Indian actress.   She was born in Mangalore, Karnataka, India on 01 November 1973.   She started as a model before joining the silver screen.  In 1994 she won the miss world title.


Angelina Jolie

Angelina has earned several awards like an Academy Award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and three Golden Globe Awards, and titled as Hollywood's maximum salaried performer via Forbes in 2009 and 2011.


Adriana Lima

Adriana was born on June 12, 1981 in Brazil. She is a perfect combination of hot and bold beauty with talent.   Her native place is Salvador.  She was talented right from her childhood.  She stood first in a competition...


Most Beautiful Women

Each and every locality has some special and beautiful women. In the entire world the main focus on women is due to their looks and charm.  Some women have good looks while their features are not so attractive.  But still they attract attention.   This description is self-explanatory that beauty and charm not separate while looks have some different meanings in any one’s beauty.  The question is who is the most beautiful women on earth.


Beyonce Knowles


This woman has an amazing beauty as at her age of 30, she has been won the Grammy award at 16 times. It is self-explanatory that how beautiful she was since her young age.  Her looks, sharp features, beautiful smile, height and figure all were very well coordinated.  She has become a beauty icon till she attained the age of 24 years.  She is a good actress and will always be known for her naturalistic style of acting.   She is considered most beautiful women on earth.


Sofia Vergara


Sofia Vergara is impenitent on the basis of her looks and features. She is known for her boldness in acting and style.  Her age reached at 40 in July this year but her boldness and naturalistic style of acting established her deeper in the heart of her fans.  The modern generation of actresses feels itself very much grateful that such a wonderful and bold actress was their senior.  


Charlize Theron


The secret of her life unveiled by Charlize Theron that till the age of 8 years, she had not the front line of teeth.    This charming and bold beauty from South Africa spoke to a magazine that she often fell sick like some infants and based on medicines till the age of 12.  But after 12 she started taking dance raining and amazingly got her front teeth.  Her sickness also gone away and her carrier started as a pretty model.      


Lily Collins


Lilly was the mistress of very bold and attractive looks.  Her mother Phill Collins is also a great and reputed singer.  She was to play a role and her opponent actress was Julia Roberts.  Julian always disliked lilly’s features and commented upon.  She said that Lilly’s feature always disturb her in acting.  Lilly said that she had learnt that how one can coordinate her features and become real beautiful.


Madeleine Stowe


Madeleine Stowe was the ex star of Hollywood and she moved off from films approximate 12 years ago.  But the attraction of silver screen fetch her again and she played a challenging role with her come back.    


Christina Hendricks


In today’s scenario, the Men film star does not have any hesitation of talking about the figure of co actresses.  Christina has no disturbance about these discussions.  Because she said that her mother never made her feel about the filthy figure.  Hendricks’ mother never said that she is feeling fat.  


Michelle Williams


Michelle is the Oscar winning film star for her best acting in My Week with Marilyn.  Actually this role was requiring a great turning point for her career.  Michelle said that the experience to be beautiful was not so touching for her always.  She is also the perfect combination of beauty and talent.


Paula Patton


Paula gave birth to her son Julian in April 2010 and later addressed the fans that she uses less make up as she is less choosy.  She understands the value of herself and thinks more the being a celebrity. She is married to a reputed singer Robin Thicke, and has only the time to live some joyful moments and nothing more.


Miranda Lambert


Miranda is of the opinion of having curves in a body but not too much cautious about it.  She said that all the celebs of the day are very choosy about their figure and always worried about their skin.  She said that it is better to represent simple girls rather that sticking on skinny tips.


Kate Middleton


Kate’s marriage with the Prince Williams looked like a dream of fairy as the simple girl who naught tie with royal family of Grate Britain.  At the age of 30, she is very sensible and her ground oriented approaches inspired a thousand of people in Britain.  Her simplicity won the heart of the royal family.  One of the sources of palace told about her public and private genuineness.